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The Vehicals

I'm slowly(sorry im only human) putting in all the basic, and later the more advanced, information on Tribes 2. Here im placing a direct rip of the Vehicals from the Tribes 2 manual(the one you get with the game). Later I will add my own comments and tidbits, enjoy!
Ground Vehicals
A favorite of snipers and flag runners, the Wildcat is a ground-hugging "Terragrav" built for blazing speed. Skilled Wildcat pilots build reputations as fearless daredevils… or absolute psychopaths.
Crew: 1(pilot), Scout-class armor only!
Speed: High
Protection: Low
Armament: None
Heavily armed and shielded, the Beowulf Terragrav is is a fearsome mobile assault fire platform that crosses terrain and water with equal ease.
Crew: 2(driver, gunner)
Speed: Moderate
Protection: High
Armament: Turret-mounted chainguns and fusion mortor. Toggle between them by pressing "w", or press "1" for chainguns and "2" for fusion mortor.
JERICHO-Class Mobile Point Base(MPB)
Slow but heavily shielded, the Jericho carries an inventory station and lets a team establish a forward base virtually anywhere on the map. At the desired location, the base plants itself and deploys its equipment.
Crew: 1(driver)
Speed: Low
Protection: High
Armament: Missile Turret (only when base is deployed)
Equipment: Inventory, Sensor Jammer (always activated)
TurboGrav Vehicals
SHRIKE-Class Fighter
The Shrike is often typecast as an anti-Turbograv vehical. However, its agility and heavy blasters make it quite effective in a ground support role. It also carries an advanced sensor suite that links into the Command Circuit and provides detailed intelligence on enemy movement.
Crew: 1(pilot)
Speed: High
Protection: Moderate
Armament: Twin heavy blasters
The Thundersword delives massive firepower to the battefield and is particularly effective against shielded targets.
Crew: 3(pilot, bombardier, tailgunner)
Speed: Moderate
Protection: High
Armament: Coherent-plasma bombs, ventral turret with dual mounted blaster cannons.
Notes: The bombardier controls the turret, bombs, and a targeting laser to point out targets to the pilot. Press "w" to toggle between them, or press "1" for the turret and "2" for the bombs.
HAVOC-Class Transport
The Havoc allows aerial transport of personnel across any terrain. Though unarmed, the ship can carry up to five Juggernaut armors, thus sometimes earning the nickname "gunship."
Crew: 2(pilot, tailgunner)
Speed: Low
Protection: High
Armament: None
Capacity: Four passenger slots as well as crew positions