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Tribal Accessories

Ok i'm slowly getting all the basics added, after this page is added i will go back and start commenting on equipment and differences, as well as adding to the scripts section and such.
Base Equipment
Generators constitute the primary power supply for most tribal bases. These are usually the first items targeted in an attack, since once they are destroyed all other base equipment loses power and ceases function. Damaged but not destroyed generators produce intermittent power.
Inventory Stations
An essential strategic asset, the Inventory Station allows you to customize your equipment. First press "numpad-Enter" to call up the Inventory screen. Select ration, walk onto the stations's pad, and the new loadout will materialize immediatly. You can save up to ten "favorite" configurations. The Inventory Station will equip you with your most recently selected equipment. Note:The station will not work if you select your configuration while standing on the station! Make your choices before you step onto the pad!
Solar Panel
These photovoltaic cells supplement generator power.
Vehical Station
The Vehical Station allows you to create battle-ready vehicals. You may select any vehical unless the server host has limited the stations settings. To activate the Vehical Station, step onto the smaller control pad located near the vehical-spawning pad. A screen prompt will show the available choices. Press the button corresponding to your choice and wait for the vehical to appear.
Sensors & the Sensor Net