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The Armor

SCOUT-Class Armor
Protection: Low
Mobility: High
Weapon capacity: 3 primary weapons
Special Capabilities: Only armor class capable of carrying the Laser Rifle, can pilot all vehicals.
Limitations: Cannot carry Fusion Mortor, Missile Launcher, Inventory Pack, Landspike or Spider Clamp Turret Packs, or Mase Turret Barrel Packs.
ASSAULT-Class Armor
Protection: Moderate
Mobility: Moderate
Weapon capacity: 4 primary weapons
Special Capabilities: Can pilot all vehicals except the Grav Cycle.
Limitations: Cannot carry Fusion Mortor or Laser Rifle.
Protection: High
Mobility: Low
Weapon capacity: 5 primary weapons
Special Capabilities: Only class capable of carrying Fusion Mortor.
Limitations: Cannot carry Laser Rifle, cannot pilot vehicals.