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General Tribes 2 Info

This section of PcPlanet lists the general info about Tribes 2. Weapon, Armor, Vehicle, Pack, and Deployables information. It uses information taken from the Tribes 2 manual shipped from with the game as well as excerpts from the official Tribes 2 webpage.

[06/18/01]Nyx: After putting in the new sidebar for the Tribes 2 section I am slowly implementing the sites that are on it. This page will link to the info pages already listed in the "Tribes 2 Links:" at the top of the page. Hopefully I will be able to incorporate information from the UpsetChap's Tribes 2 Guide. It lists exact damage amounts, armor ratings, ect.

Table of Contents

Armor An overview of the three types of armor in Tribes 2: Scout (Light), Assault (Medium), Juggernaught(Heavy).
Weapons A listing of the base weapons available for use in Tribes 2. I must say the arsenal is pretty impressive.
Vehicles A peek into the flight hanger and tank pit of Tribes 2. The Vehicles are back and there not taking any smack.