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You have reached the Tribes 2 section of PcPlanet. This section of the site is currently being updated heavily. Please check back constantly as more content will be added.

Updates, yeah baby! I have redone the site as you can see. The index now splits the site into Tribes and Tribes 2. The Tribes 2 sidebar is now different from the Tribes one. Now im going to focus on content. Look for tons of new stuff in the next few days. As you can see I will be adding some Skinning and Mapping info, as well as some more skins and maps themselves. Enjoy!

Ok time to cap the updates I've added over the past few days. I added five or so new tutorials to the Scripting section. As you have already seen I changed the entrance page to split the site into Tribes and Tribes 2.

I will be redoing the expandable sidebar over the next few days so that it is different for the Tribes 2 and regular Tribes pages. Please be patient, working with Notepad and paint gets tedious. Meanwhile if you have any awesome Screenshots send 'em my way and ill post them. I should have a new sequence of pics from Tribes up in the next few days. check back!