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To all fellow ^WD^ members Hail! Welcome to our temporary page while the full time one is being completed. Here I have posted several utilities - HUD's and Scripts - that I have found helpful in my Tribes playing. They are listed individually and my favoirtes(the ones I use) have been lumped into a self extrating program with the ^WD^ skin added. Hope you find these helpful.

Members: Current Membership includes: ^WD^ Nyx, ^WD^ Wolfman, ^WD^ Reload, ^WD^ Slain, ^WD^ Someone, ^WD^ R3M@RK, ^WD^ MuNKeY, ^WD^ BloodBath, ^WD^ T!M3BOMB, ^WD^ Warbunny ^WD^ Vindicare ^WD^ dreaMcatcher ^WD^ M@\$TERBL@$TER

To display the ICQ number of a member of WD please pass your mouse over there name. The number should appear in the box below.

If you are a member and are not on this list or are interested in joining ^WD^ please email me with your ICQ number or other contact information and I will arrange for you to be tested.


(03/28/01):The WD Statistics page is up in beta stage. I have put up the shell of the page and will add info as I receive it. So be sure to check out the Statistics page!

(03/27/01):The WD Squad Page is now up! It lists ranks and positions of all WD members. Please check it out! WD Squad Page.

(03/27/01):We hope to have a member info page up ASAP. Were not quite sure exactly what will be on it. We will most likly do stats(for people who run killcount scripts) and try to update them weekly or monthly. Also each member will have his own screenshot in his favorite armor and weapon!


^WD^ ScriptPak 1.0 Zip file including pre-configured scripts and the WD Skin. Unzip to the Tribes/config/ and move the skin (wd.vol) to the base/skins/ dir.

^WD^ Scripts .5 This Zip file contains only the pre-configured scripts bundled into a self extractor. Super easy to install, great if you already have the skin.