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Welcome to the Tribes Tactics page. Here I have attempted to compile a comprehensive list of tactics for multiple Mod's and base servers as well as general tactics.

Tribes 2

Movement & Transportation:

Skiing. The favorite mode of fast travel from Tribes 1 is back, and not working as well. The Dev team made sure that it was toned down so that Heavies were not moving as fast as Lights across a map. Hopefully this will balance the game more.

Heat. All the Tribes 1 boosting rules still apply. There is a new feature in the energy/health equation though, it's called Heat. Your energy use(for boosting only as of now) now generates heat which is measure on a little bar below your energy bar. I have not been able to see any downsides to this or any affects on gameplay at all but I might just be blind.

Grav Vehicals. The three brand new land vehicals (Wildcat Cycle, Hover Tank, Mobile Point Base[MPB]) have added a whole new demension to team play. Both of the larger vehicals require two players to operate (1 driver, 1 gunner) while the Wildcat is for a single light armor on. They provide both a fast mode of transportation and added punch.

Piloting Grav Vehicals. All three of the vehicals experience real momenteum affects. This means that when your on a Wildcat at 167kph it's not gonna turn on a dime or flow smoothly from 0 to 85 degrees in .5 seconds. The best advice for driving grav Vehicals is stick to the low open areas of the map. Even though it may be longer then heading over the mountains to the enemy base the added speed of the vehicals usually make up for it.


Never stay still. It's like digging your own grave.

Boosting. When boosting remember these few tips. Always try to start your boost from as high of a position as possible. This gives you a larger range with your boost. Also when landing from a high boost try to land on a decline and hit the jump button as you hit the ground. If this is done right it will break your fall and you wont get hurt as much, or at all.

Pulse Boosting. When in the air with lighter armor try pumping your boost button. This conserves energy and prolongs your flight, therefore increasing your range. It is also useful in dueling since you stay in the air longer.

Jump/Boost. The most basic speed enhancer. It it very simple to work, just after starting to jet hit your jump key and the jump will boost you into the air and give extra speed to your boost, which means you waste lest boosting power trying to get up to speed.

Skiing. This is the best method of fast land travel. It can be done manually but its much better to have a program that helps you (I like Writer's Skiing tool). The way it works is that each time you hit the ground you hit the jump key. If done right while heading down a slope you can gather speed and then maintain it on the flat be repeat jumping. Makes flag capping practically a sinch.

Rocket Boosting. This is a method of fast air travel for heavies and/or Burster's in certain MOD's. You take your rocket launcher and start walking backwards (your back facing where you want to go) Then you simply fire the rocket into the groud and its concussion will throw you toward the desired destination. Works very effectively and doesn't hurt a heavy much.

Chaingun. For the longest time I discarded this weapon as useless. It required (or so I thought) very short ranges to operate effectively. This was shown to be untrue after I joined ^WD^. They were kind enough to show me that those nice little flachette shells can deal a rack of damage at long range. This works by judging the moving opponents movements and firing a calculated distance in front of him/her to make contact. It works well in dueling for the first couple of seconds when your close and moving away. Ive sometime taken out half of the enemies life in the first three or four seconds with my chaingun.

Disk Launcher and Boosting. In dueling (or any other outdoor Player vs. Player combat) the disk launcher is essential. It's use coencides with boost timing. You need to plan to be in the air when the opponent lands. The trick is in firing so that the disk hits close enough to the player as he lands to do damage. It takes practice but is very effective.


Strafing. If you want to stay alive and snipe at the same time I would recommend that you first learn how to walk and chew bubble gum at the same time, because this involves the same kind of thought process. While waiting for a target to appear dont just stand still like you have a "IM HERE AND NOT MOVING, KILL ME!" sign on your forehead... STRAFE! Move side to side as you look for targets. Stop only long enough to make a final adjustment and fire, then start strafing again.

Crouching. If you prefer to take the d/l approach to sniping instead of strafing you may crouch. There are many scripts that offer auto-crouch-on-zoom fetures. Some even automatically select your sniper rifle when you zoom. Either way if you can find a nice niche in the terrain to hide in your all set. Just always remember that no matter how good the hide, you will be found eventually.

Snipe move. Another option to avoid death is work Hit-and-Run constantly. After capping one target at any location, move to another. Preferabbly move to the other side of the base, but if this isnt possible or you dont like taking the time, at least move far enough to avoid suspicion.

Flag Capture

Disk frist, live later. This is the #1 thing to learn in flag capping (especially on outdoor maps). When heading for the flag, DON'T wait till your standing on the mine to check and see if there is one, its just not healthy. Find a position to zoom in on the flag from and check for all possible defenses, Mines and Laser Turrets especially. Remove these before preceeding.

Plasma = no Turrets. It is a fact that 20 or so close to medium range plasma hits to an "Indoor" turret is enough to put it out of commission. Remote Turrets (smaller versions) only take two or three. Larger remote Turrets (Plasma, Rail, Missile, ect.) only take about 15-25. So always pack a plasma gun as insurence when capping.