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Scripts, HUD's, and Mod's.

So you thought regular tribes was good? wait till you see what we have to pep it up with. These are programs, scrips and HUD's as they are called, designed by talented, and sometimes not so talented programmers/Tribes players. They serve to help you gain more information faster, giving you more time to hurl far to much explosive power at your enemies. Enjoy!

If you would like to download everything on this page click here. The size is 2,434KB.

Tribes 2

Name Size Description
PJ's T2 Scripts 400 Right now there is one scripter with scripts released, and very good scripts at that. That would be Panaman Jack and his T2 ScriptPak. Including a TeamHUD, KillTracker, and now a TimeClock, these scripts will stand as a ruler to measure all others with.
LEGO beta 1.1 2492 A mod that has vehicles weapons and packs based on LEGO Systems. Looks quite cool try it out.

Starsiege: Tribes Scripts, MODs, and HUDs

Name Size Description
HyperHUD 28 Hands down the best overall HUD. Based on Presto's DynHUD it has a great interface, contains a FlagHUD which shows flag location, holders, ect. A must for every serious Tribes player.
NewOpts 47 Lots of scripts require this so it's a must if you want to run other scripts
ICQHUD 57 This HUD is very helpful if your like any other Tribes player and have an ICQ account. This program runs a HUD on your tribes screen alerting you to ICQ events. Very helpful.
CommandHUD 13.a 5 This HUD is very functional. It removes the black backing for your Commander and Inventory screens so you can see your playing view while checking your inventory or command screen.
PiNGHUD 1.0 3 This HUD is simple and just like the name suggests it shows your Ping in a small HUD which saves you the trouble of tabbing to check it all the time.
VoOBoT v1.3 262 This is a mod that lets you play against computer players. *VERY* cool and easy to install. One of my favorites.
PrestoPak 73 This pack is the core of most other scripts and HUD's. It's a MUST if you plan on running anything else.
Writer's Scripts 164 The most functional set of scripts i've seen. Skiing, advnaced inventory options, sniper speicals, weird reticals, this one has it all.

Starsiege: Tribes Skins and Maps

Name Size Description
^Wings of Darkness^ 152 ^WD^ tribe skin. Please don't D/L it if your not in the tribes.
WoodlandCamo. 135 This skin works well on many greenish maps, helps the player blend in well.
Urban Gray Camo. 166 Nice skin if playing artic missions, blends in nicely.
Shining Force. 84 Set of skins I picked up a while back, nice black and red scheam, also comes with other schemes I believe.