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Welcome to PcPlanet's StarSiege: Tribes page. Here you will find but a humble selection of links, tactics, info, and other news reguardng StarSiege: Tribes and the popular sequal Tribes 2. We hope you find this information helpful. Enjoy.

I'm Back...
Greetings. I finally got my computer upgraded and Tribes 2 reinstallted so I'm back and hopefully will be updating the site regularly. Right now I'm trying to compile a links page to the major mod, script, map, news, and other Tribes related sites. I also want to start snatching tutorials on different subjects from other sites and putting them here so you dont have to keep linking everywhere(I will of course give proper credit where credit is due). Hope the info comes in handy.

Patch 23115 Released
The Tribes 2 Dev Team has released a great optimization patch. You can grab it (version 23115) via the auto-updater. You can take a gander at the long list of changes and updates here.

If you have any comments, suggestions, insults or anything else you would like to tell me then please e-mail me.

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