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Here is my collections of Screenshots from various Tribes players. I hope you find these inspiring.

Here are the latest Tribes 2 screenshots. I have taken them with low building, terrain, and object texture and detail but with high player, weapon, and person object texture and detail. Explosions also look pretty nice. Hopefully I will be getting a computer(RAM and Video Card) upgrade in the next couple of weeks, then the pics will be full high res :).

Blood Eagle w/Blaster. Water, water, everywhere... Another one bites the dust.
New vehical creation. Inventory Favoites Screen. Explosions are good.
Locked, Loaded, Exploded. Mortor = Base Rape. StarWolf HoF.
Lovely day... isn't it? Cool new force fields. Dance baby yea!.

Origional Starsiege:Tribes Screenshots.
Crouch, Zoom, Snipe... Sniper down under. Forces receiving orders.
Ready for Combat. That's gotta hurt. Detroy Enemy Turret.
Command Acknowledged. Our Base is Secure. Ouch...
Sniper w/ Rail. You know he's Dead.